Founder & CEO

Mr. P.K. Saravanan is the founder and CEO of this company. He is a post graduate in social work with couple of other post graduate degrees in hospital administration and business management. He is also a diploma holder in industrial psychology and human resources development. He has got around 20 years of experience in helping the people with medical needs. He hails from a family of doctors, which has indirectly supported his passion. His passion for helping the needy has earned him a good name in the society. State Government has honoured him with Best Humanitarian award on the Republic Day Function by the District Collector. Rotarty International Head Quarter at Chicago has given the highest honour of awarding him with ‘Service above self award’. Has represented his country to brazil, south america as the leader of a Group Study Exchage Team and was awarded as the Best Ambassador for spreading International Peace and understanding. He is been inivited to be a member of ethical committee for the Government Medical College Hospital, Tirunelveli. He has served as an Assistant Governor for Rotary International District 3212. He is an extensive traveller and has visited many countries. He stands alone as a coordinator for Cadaver Transplant in the Southern Districts having carried out six cadaver transplants of which 12 people were benefited with eyes, 12 people benefited of kidney, 8 people were benefited with heart valves, one was transplanted with a heart, 4 people were benefited with liver. Two people were benefited with lungs. Life is been passed on to 38 people with his noble effort. He has helped patients so far from Maldives, Srilanka, Sultanate of Oman, Dubai, Kenya and Malaysia. His line of word is ‘money is to spend and not to waste’


Mr. N. Rajendiran has got 31 years of experience from Gulf Country. He administers the facilitation management with regard to Medical Tourism.


Dr. Shahurab Abdullah D.Lit (USA) his thirst for serving people in medical assistance has made him to team up with this company. He has travelled extensively across india and has developed friendship with many doctors. His inqusitiveness to learn more about the medical field has made him to observe many live surgeries of different specialities. His care for his people is highly commendable. He is known for his continuous follow ups in making sure the comfortability of the people visiting india from maldives. His high level of applicable common sense in the field of medicine blended with his humanity has resulted in ethical guidance of his people to avail right treatment on right time. He has executed a well organised first of its kind medical camp for the people of his village in villingili. He is always a result oriented person.